A few comments from our fans and clients!

“What a night……John and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and loved the band. Can’t wait to see you again!” ~ Kim, April 2016

“HOT DAMN! There’s a rock and roll firestorm igniting in South Everett!!! YOWZAH! Doing a PRINCE Tribute right now…awwww, beautiful!” ~ Randy, April 2016

“I am writing to recommend the services of the HotDamn!, a professional corporate and special event band. We had the privilege of having HotDamn! perform at our venue Saturday, February 13th, (Valentine’s Eve) in Seattle. Their performance was nothing short of amazing; fantastic music, professional entertainers and tons of energy. To quote one of our employees “…this place is so full that people are dancing in our bar!”

Beyond the actual performance, the HotDamn! members were polite, on time, prepared, fully equipped and extremely respectful of our venue, staff, and clients.  In summary, true professionals from the time they arrived until they departed.

I’m happy to recommend the services of HotDamn! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’ve enclosed a picture from one of our own employees capturing the energy in our venue during HotDamn!’s performance.” ~ Dave, Feb 2016

“I’m writing to recommend the services of HotDamn!, a professional corporate and special event band. We had the privilege of having HotDamn! perform a 90-minute set for us in January, and we were so impressed we asked them to return for a full 3-hour show on Saturday, March 12th. Their performance was amazing, and our customers had a blast! They are professional entertainers, passionate about their art, and committed to providing a high energy show.

I am happy to recommend the services of HotDamn!” ~ The Mirkwood Shire & Cafe, February 2016

“Just unbelievably fun dance music!” ~Janet, April 2016

“Checking the Jams out at Rocko’s, that wonderful oasis of musical performance and spirits in beautiful South Everett…tunes & booze in SouthEv. Tonight features one of my fave cover bands, HOT DAMN! They’ll be kicking some ass through a variety of rock and roll favorites like Van Halen, Guns N Roses, No Doubt, Pat Benatar among many others..and they don’t forget about you dancin’ fools either. But if you’re the type that digs on a tasty lead break…you’ll be in for a real treat with this act. NO SERIOUSLY! The virtuosic stylings of the masterful Redd McMakin will be on display and just itching for the lead-break lovin’ type. Nice crowd out in a Friday eve! Get’cha asses over here.” ~ Randy, Oct 2016

“Wow, you were all such a breath of fresh air. Your versatility and depth of musicianship were not wasted on this sound geek. I’ve spent decades playing saxophone in and engineering for excellent jazz ensembles, pop, R&B, and funk bands around the country, as well as being a festival engineer in Hawaii for several years. Not only was your performance absolutely stunning and way too short, but it was so nice to work with pro’s who know how to get the most out of a sound check!!

Very best wishes on your obviously upward trajectory, and we would be sooooo lucky to bring you back next year!

Thank You, Thank You!!” ~ Tim, October 2016