Meet the Band!

Caitlin Dittmer, Lead Vocalist

KatyMirkwoodBy day a feisty landscape consultant, by night a sultry songstress,  Katy was weaned singing folk music, blues, and rock. Childhood music lessons on string and wind instruments, plus the constant old school jazz  and rock floating out of her parent’s hifi, helped expand her musical appreciation. During high school, she sang with local bands, and played bass for Export, whose claim to fame was opening for Junior Cadillac at the San Juan County Fair. After adulting for many years, Katy was found making friends with rockers at the local pubs. Even sitting in here and there. She was having far too much fun, and so sought out a project of her own. In the last 12 years Katy has fronted Midievil Times/Sirens, Sector 7G, Dirty Old Man, and now HotDamn!
Katy is also an avid gardener, photographer, quilter, multi–media artist, and adores traveling with her husband, and guard cat, in their antique Airstream.

Krysta Carson, Backing Vocals & Percussion

k2Krysta Carson, known for her sexy stage persona, rockin’ rhythm and powerful pipes, was born to be an entertainer and her lifetime of credits and achievements are a natural outcome of being on stage and in front of the camera. Her singing career began with her first paid gig at age 13, and she performed at her first Bumbershoot at 17. She moved to Los Angeles to attend a college of the performing arts and pursue her dreams. Today, she professionally pursues music, dance, comedy and theater. Krysta has had featured roles on stage, TV and in movies, including Man on the Moon with Jim Carey and Apartment 12 with Mark Ruffalo. She has pursued her musical career as well, working as a recording artist in several different studios, founded the all-girl band Goddess Freak Ensemble in Los Angeles, which made the coveted Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 list their second year together, and created her musical comedy act Tits & Giggles, which performed at comedy clubs such as The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory in the greater LA area.Krysta has also worked with many indie artists, most notably Jennifer Corday, who has fans stretching across the globe. Corday took home awards for Best Album, Best Song, and Best Alternative Band, the year Krysta joined.
On top of singing both lead and backup for many different musical acts, of all genres in Los Angeles, Krysta developed her natural skills in hand-held percussion instruments and drums, including djembe, tambourine, guiro, bells, shakers, cowbell and MORE COWBELL!!!! Krysta has now returned home to Seattle, and is finding more opportunities to perform and entertain every day, her most recent project being HotDamn! – the greatest event band in the world!

Redd McMakin, Guitar Super Villain

reddJared (Redd) McMakin, originally from Los Angeles, is a Seattle based studio musician signed to Fervor Records as a contract session player/writer. Redd’s list of credits includes Tracking and Transcribing guitars for Line 6 and their product; The Guitar Port. Other credits and publications include work with Wild Whirled Music, where he writes, tracks, and produces songs for use in film and television. Redd has had his Wild Whirled songs placed on MTV, FOX, TNT, VH1, CW, E!, Bravo, FX, and TLC on shows such as LA Ink, Easy Money, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, various “E!” specials, Bones, The Office, Behind the Music, and  The Adam Sandler Film “That’s My Boy”. To date, Redd has completed five albums with Wild Whirled Music. Redd previously performed with, tracked, and wrote for the Interscope Records/RMR Music Group act Perfect Dilemma. During his time there, he worked with multi-platinum writers and producers Tim James, Antonina Armato, and Desmond Child. Currently, Redd resides in the Seattle area where he teaches at various music schools and gigs with his musical acts.

Shayne Rush, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals & Sly Wit

meShayne Rush has previously played at many of Seattle’s biggest stages and events, including the Bite of Seattle, the Taste of Edmonds and the Central District Festival. He grew up in a musical family performing country tunes with the family band, and then later channeled his teen angst into 90’s rock and metal.  Most recently, he has performed with local bands Waiting on Wendy, Slacker, and Seven Mile Ride.  He has also been signed to local indy studio Muscata Fuscata Records.  He considers himself to be a modern day musical mercenary . . . if it pays . . . he plays!

Curt Moseley, Percussionist

CurtCurtis “Moose” Moseley officially began drumming at the age of 10, but in reality had for years been drumming on anything that made noise.  In addition to participating in the traditional school music offerings (drum line, jazz, symphony, orchestra, etc.), at age 16 he joined a non-profit musical production where he had an opportunity to perform locally and internationally. Moose has been described as a listen-first drummer who attacks with finesse, bringing to each performance musical styles ranging from rock, jazz, country, to classical.   His musical influences include Rush, The Police, Foo Fighters, and U2 among others.  Although he’s had a chance to play at a variety of venues locally and abroad, his most memorable performance was at a local studio performing in front of friends and family. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say drums are a part of his DNA, and if he ever starts playing a beat it’s best to just let him finish.

JoeKer, Bass and Vocals

JoekerAs our Master of Thump, Joe “JoeKer” Hower began studying music at age 6 and has been professionally performing publicly for over 35 years with bands in the Midwest and Inland/Pacific Northwest. His musical background includes piano, guitar, bass, and the low brass family in addition to all types of choral productions. In addition to holding positions as Instrumental Director of a small community orchestra in West Michigan and Worship Arts Director for a church in northern Idaho, he has performed in Rock, Classical, Country, R&B, Theatrical and Jazz groups, including his selection to an international tour as first chair trombonist with a student jazz ensemble during high school. This one time, at band camp . . . (Yes. THAT band camp.) His favorite musical memory is performing a Latin number with the legendary Red Skelton live on stage, and somehow managing to not fall over laughing!

Paul Malalsky

paulmPaul Masalsky tried several instruments in his youth, but due to various mental disorders, never pursued any of them until age 25, when his parents shipped him the old family piano. Soon afterward, a guitar player friend interrupted a “jam session” by throwing Paul’s sheet music across the room and exclaiming: “You need serious help!! Let me show you how to play in a band.” Paul and that same guitar player went on to play together a country band called Trick Rider, which headlined at several notable venues in New England. Later he played with Lost Dog Woody, Deluded Blues, and Party of Nine. When not working for a large software company based out of PDX, Paul enjoys caring for his three young boys and silly dog, as well as playing ice hockey, and many other violent and potentially injurious sports. Among his favorite musical artists are Joe Walsh, Natalie Merchant, Uncle Tupelo, Lyle Lovett, Joni Mitchell, Bread, James Taylor, and Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots.